Pilansberg Game Reserve

The Pilansberg Game Reserve  is two hours drive west of Johannesburg and is home to the big five. The reserve is situated on the eroded remains of an extinct alkaline volcanic crater, one of only three in the world.

The Park consists of numerous hills, wooded ravines and grassed open plains, making the area very picturesque. A wide diversity of eco-types makes a beautiful home for more than 35 species of large mammals, including the sought-after “Big Five” and more than 300 bird species.

The area was proclaimed as a National Park in 1979, and covers an area of 55 000ha. It has been restocked with most of the species that inhabited this area in the late eighteenth century.

One of the most advantageous aspects of Pilanesberg is that it is situated within a malaria- free belt and there are a variety of superb hotels that are conveniently positioned on the periphery of the park.


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Gliding in South Africa

The average cloud base is in the range 11,000 to 14,000ft AMSl, with the ground elevation being 4,500ft. The mean thermal strengths of 2.5 to 3m/sec. One third of the days are likely to be blue, particularly at the beginning of the season. On above average days, the cloud base may be as high as 18 or 19 thousand feet with rates of climb that exceed 5m/sec.

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The flying area is vast, and varied with few restricted areas. We have to fly west to clear the Bloemfontein TMA, there after we can fly south and south west into the dry areas of the northern Karoo or north west right up to South Africa's border with Botswana or we can fly east to the Maluti Mountains and the northern Drakensburg.

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Soaring Safaris is based at New Tempe airfield Bloemfontein for their summer camp from November to February. We have a shade net hangar to accommodate 9 gliders with a convenient water ballasting system, and a conventional hangar for 4 15m wing span gliders.

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Gliders are generally hired by the week Sunday to Saturday inclusive, but we can tailor packages to suit your travel arrangements dependant on other bookings. All Soaring Safaris gliders are equipped with parachute, basic instruments, electric vario, final glide computer, an IGC approved GPS Flight Recorder, Flarm, a map of the area and oxygen. Please note that because they are so fragile we do not provide PDA's.

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