How to get there

You can get to Bloemfontein either by road or scheduled airline.

GPS Co-Ordinates:


gps_icon          -29.033227, 26.162503

Directions by road from Johannesburg:


When you have cleared customs go to one of the banks in the arrival terminal and get some local currency, the Rand. You will need about R100 for the toll roads on the way to Bloemfontein. The Toll booths will accept cash or credit cards.

In South Africa we drive on the left hand side of the road, which is very convenient for our UK visitors but a nuisance for our visitors from the continent. The speed limit on motorways and major roads is 120kph, 100kph on secondary roads and 60kph in built up areas. Traffic police use cameras, radar, lasers and gatsometers to detect speeding motorist and there is a permanent trap just before you get to Kroonstad. Before venturing out onto the road network just prepare for a novel experience as South African drivers are cavalier; we are not quite up to the Italian standard, but we come a good second.


Directions by road from Johannesburg International / OR Tambo Airport:


Leave the OR Tambo Airport parking area and take the R24 signposted to Johannesburg.
Follow this highway past the Barbara Road off-ramp and Edenvale off-ramps until the road merges with the N12.
At this point, get into the left hand lane to go onto the N3 south.
Thereafter take the N12 west to Kimberley and then the N1 to Bloemfontein.
Once you are on the N1 there are no further turn off’s until you reach Bloemfontein.

The mid week rush hour traffic on the motorways around Johannesburg is very heavy, but usually tails off after 08.30hrs, unless there has been an accident, in which case congestion may persist for several hours . At the weekend the traffic is very much lighter.

There are filling stations and restaurants on the N1 at regular intervals. We can recommend the one that is 20km past the Kroonvaal Toll Plaza that serves an excellent Wimpey bacon and eggs breakfast for R40 per head. There is another at Kroonstadt, the half way point and another at Ventersburg 60km south of Kroonstadt.

There are three tolled sections of the N1: the first just out of Johannesburg, the second just after crossing the Vaal River into the Free State, and the third about 80km out of Bloemfontein.

The total cost of tolls is about R100.

– The N1 bypasses Bloemfontein city centre, exit the N1 at the Nelson Mandela Drive off ramp.
– Turn right at the off-ramp junction towards Dealsville on the R64.
– About 3km along this road just after passing Bains Game Lodge, turn right to Tempe Airport and Kenilworth. There is sign post to the airport.
– About 2km down this road turn right into Frans Kleynhans Weg.
– Follow this road until you arrive at the 3-way stop and take the left turn for the gliding club entrance.

There is a sliding gate at the entrance to the airfield that may be shut, but it should not be locked (if it is, the code for the combination lock is 1248). Please close the gate behind you and follow the perimeter road and park at the back of the club house.

Find our office and we will start our induction process.

If you haven’t already been to your guest house we will provide you with directions.

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Gliding in South Africa

The average cloud base is in the range 11,000 to 14,000ft AMSl, with the ground elevation being 4,500ft. The mean thermal strengths of 2.5 to 3m/sec. One third of the days are likely to be blue, particularly at the beginning of the season. On above average days, the cloud base may be as high as 18 or 19 thousand feet with rates of climb that exceed 5m/sec.

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The flying area is vast, and varied with few restricted areas. We have to fly west to clear the Bloemfontein TMA, there after we can fly south and south west into the dry areas of the northern Karoo or north west right up to South Africa's border with Botswana or we can fly east to the Maluti Mountains and the northern Drakensburg.

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Soaring Safaris is based at New Tempe airfield Bloemfontein for their summer camp from November to February. We have a shade net hangar to accommodate 9 gliders with a convenient water ballasting system, and a conventional hangar for 4 15m wing span gliders.

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Gliders are generally hired by the week Sunday to Saturday inclusive, but we can tailor packages to suit your travel arrangements dependant on other bookings. All Soaring Safaris gliders are equipped with parachute, basic instruments, electric vario, final glide computer, an IGC approved GPS Flight Recorder, Flarm, a map of the area and oxygen. Please note that because they are so fragile we do not provide PDA's.

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