Soaring and stress in the sun

by admin - Posted on 2014-01-11

Seduced by the language of soaring-safaris your adventurous correspondent set off in November for the African sun-shine. The advertisement offered reliable Gold height and distance flights from its 4,500 feet altitude base at New Tempe Airfield, Bloemfontein.

Those who know will agree that I am no expert, but the prospect of 19,500 foot altitudes and 500 km distances was enticing especially when com-pared with our more docile 3-4,000 foot cloud bases in Southern England. Besides Dick Bradley, the seven times South Africa National Champion who runs soaring-safaris, offers a fine fleet comprising ASW27, ASH25 and 26, LS4, LS6,LS7, Nimbus 3, Ventus, Discus, all for hire at specified daily rates.

To read the full article written by Christopher Claxton and published by The London Gliding Club please download below.