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  • JS/ SS Challenge Prize: 2009

    by admin - Posted on 2009-11-15

    The JS / SS Challenge was announced in June ’09 with the aim of encouraging and rewarding up and coming pilots in South Africa. Winning the competition required flying the three furthest flights before the end date of the 15th of November. While there were several months to play with, November’s good weather kept the pressure on right to the very last day.

    The prize for winning the challenge was one week’s gliding at Soaring Safaris, New Tempe, including use of a glider (an LS4 or similar glider), launches and coaching. An amazing prize for any young pilot.

  • Great Cross Country Soaring in January

    by admin - Posted on 2005-07-13

    For anyone wanting to enjoy some very good cross country soaring in the October to February time period a Soaring Safari might be what you’re looking for .

    In January this year my wife Thea and I made a trip during which I managed to fly seven out of seven days for about 27 hours with a great group of soaring pilots from a number of different countries.

  • Hot ‘n’ High in the South African Sun – Winter 2004

    by admin - Posted on 2004-11-12

    In the winter of 2004 I decided to follow the sun and went to South Africa to do some gliding. The weather was stunning and I was made very welcome by Dick Bradley and everyone at Soaring Safaris.

    He runs a lovely fleet of aircraft including a Discus, LS4, LS6 and Nimbus 3. I thought I’d briefly recount the experience of flying a day in the South African National Gliding Championships, along with flying the heaviest, most cumbersome glider I’ll probably ever fly.

  • South African Soaring Safari

    by admin - Posted on 2004-06-30

    It all began on a wet day at Portmoak last October (an all too frequent occurrence!). To pass the time I was looking at the notice board in the clubhouse and saw a poster with a photo captioned “13,000 feet and climbing at 8kt”. Now that didn’t sound like Portmoak! I read on to see the other attractions advertised by Dick Bradley’s Winter Performance Camp at Bloemfontein in South Africa . All of which looked great, especially when compared with the rain outside.

    I looked at Dick’s web site that evening and then e-mailed him. In due course an LS4 was booked for the second and third weeks in February – right at the end of their season. I trawled the web to find a way of getting to Bloemfontein and booked a 6am KLM flight Edinburgh to Johannesburg via Amsterdam (great views of the Sahara on the way) and a hire car for the easy drive 400km drive to Bloemfontein on good, almost empty, roads.