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  • Soaring and stress in the sun

    by admin - Posted on 2014-01-11

    Seduced by the language of soaring-safaris your adventurous correspondent set off in November for the African sun-shine. The advertisement offered reliable Gold height and distance flights from its 4,500 feet altitude base at New Tempe Airfield, Bloemfontein.

    Those who know will agree that I am no expert, but the prospect of 19,500 foot altitudes and 500 km distances was enticing especially when com-pared with our more docile 3-4,000 foot cloud bases in Southern England. Besides Dick Bradley, the seven times South Africa National Champion who runs soaring-safaris, offers a fine fleet comprising ASW27, ASH25 and 26, LS4, LS6,LS7, Nimbus 3, Ventus, Discus, all for hire at specified daily rates.

  • Sommar på södra halvklotet!

    by admin - Posted on 2013-12-02

    Åke Pettersson och Anders Jacobssons flög till Sydafrika.

    Please download Cumulus, Stockholms Gliding Club Newsletter, 2 Dec 2013

  • Dehydration – A Flight Hazard

    by admin - Posted on 2013-08-11

    Some physiological and medical considerations.

    Dr.  Mike Pascoe

  • Ed Downham Flies 1017km in the Prototype JS1 Revelation

    by admin - Posted on 2009-12-12

    While the JS1 Revelation is designed to be a contest winner the performance is also a great for those long cross-country flights aimed at maximising OLC points.

    For those still unaware of OLC, the On-Line Contest is a way to competitively share flights across the web, with flights scores optimised around up to five waypoints.Scores are based on handicapped performance and tasks do not have to be pre-declared. In the 2009 OLC season over 107,194 flights were posted by 13,424 competitors with a total of 28,691,130kms.