Nimbus 3 24.4wl – HS

“Hotel Sierra” has been described as a ” really nice” Nimbus 3. Serial number 86 she flies in 24.5m configuration with winglets and has some 1700hrs to her credit. She has completed many 1000km in her time and carried Brian and Dick on theirs in 1997 flying from Mafikeng. She is fully equipped with a Cambridge S-Nav and GPS-Nav. The GPS-Nav will drive SeeYou or Winpilot on an Ipaq, but you should bring your own Ipaq and cable.


Vne (at sea level) 270 km/h
Vne (at 10 000 – 16 500 ft) 230 km/h
Rough Air 200 km/h
Manoeuvre 200 km/h
Aerotow 180 km/h
U/C down 180 km/h
Flaps Positive Flap86 kts
Min. cockpit load 72 kg
Max cockpit load 90 kg
Ballast weights Nose ballast
Water ballest capacity 150 litres
Altimeter units Feet
Airspeed Indicator units km/h
Variometer & Navigation Cambridge
Systems S-NAV
Radio Fitted
Flight Logger Fitted
Flarm Fitted
Oxygen System Fitted