Duo Discus – UT

“Uniform Tango” is the latest addition to the Soaring Safaris fleet. The Duo is an ideal glider for cross country training. She has 20m performance, but handles just like a Std or 15M Class glider. Equipped with an LX5000 and LX Oudies front and back she id ideally set up for cross country flying.


Vne (at sea level) 270 km/h
Vne (at 10 000 – 16 500 ft) 230 km/h
Rough Air 200 km/h
Manoeuvre 200 km/h
Aerotow 180 km/h
U/C down 180 km/h
Flaps Positive Flap86 kts
Min. cockpit load 72 kg
Max cockpit load 90 kg
Ballast weights Nose ballast
Water ballest capacity 150 litres
Altimeter units Feet
Airspeed Indicator units km/h
Variometer & Navigation Cambridge
Systems S-NAV
Radio Fitted
Flight Logger Fitted
Flarm Fitted
Oxygen System Fitted