All Soaring Safaris gliders are equipped with parachute, basic instruments, electric vario, final glide computer, an IGC approved GPS Flight Recorder, Flarm, a map of the area and oxygen. Please note that because they are so fragile we do not provide PDA’s.

We have no minimum requirement for flying our Standard Class gliders LS4, Discus b, and LS7wl, but require you to complete the booking form so that we can make an assessment based on your experience.

Before flying our 15m class gliders, LS6c/18, Ventus b.16.7, and ASW27b we would like you to have cross country experience in a similar type of glider, and pilots wanting to fly the Open Class gliders should also have open class cross country experience.

In all cases we reserve the right to decline a booking or require a dual check based on our assessment of the pilot’s currency or experience.