All pilots, whether they are hiring our gliders or flying their own glider, are required to pay a Club Facility fee that covers the use of the club house, swimming pool, airfield infrastructure, preparation of the facility, met forecasts, Oxygen refills, WiFi, trailers, the provision of help washing gliders each morning, retrieve crews and all the other jobs that need to be done to make the facility work and to keep it functioning.

Club Facility Fee:                                EUR 360 per flying pilot per week.

Soaring Society of South Africa Affiliation and Glider Pilot Licence Validation Fee

ZAR 680 (or at current exchange rates EUR 41 ) per pilot and is valid for 90 days.

Soaring Society affiliation and validation of the visiting pilots GPL is a statutory requirement for glider pilots to fly in South Africa.

Glider Hire Fees:

Glider Weekly Hire Rate – Euros
LS4 EUR    900
Discus B EUR    950
LS7wl EUR    950
LS6c 15/18 EUR    1150
Ventus B 15/16.7 EUR    1050
ASW 27b EUR    1200
JS1b – 18m EUR    1400
Nimbus 3 24.5 wl EUR    1050
JS1c – 21m EUR    1500
Ventus 2xt EUR    1350
Duo Discus EUR    1500
Ash 25 EUR    1350


During the high season, November through to February, the minimum glider hire period is 7 days. The start day is flexible to suit the pilots travel arrangements.

All Soaring Safaris gliders are equipped with parachute, basic instruments, electric vario, final glide computer, GPS system including an IGC approved flight recorder, Flarm, a map of the area and oxygen.

The minimum requirement for flying the 15m class gliders is that the pilot should have flown the glider type and have cross country experience.

Pilots wanting to fly the Open Class gliders or turbos should be familiar with the glider they want to fly. If we are uncertain of an individual pilot’s ability to handle the conditions or the glider, we reserve the right to fly a dual check before allowing the pilot to fly solo, and may, in the interests of safety, place some restrictions on the pilot.

We suggest that if you are above average build, that you check that you can comfortably fit into the cockpit of a similar glider to the one you have selected to fly before you finalise the booking. If you weigh less than 70kg and will need cockpit ballast weights please let us know.

Additional Gliders

We will have 6 additional gliders in the container this season:

3 Ventus 2’s
1 Ventus CT
1 JS1 Revelation
 1  Ash 26

The experience and currency requirements to fly these gliders is not the same as those required by Soaring Safaris and will be handled on an individual basis with the owners.

Private Owners Hangarage or Shade Netting Fees: EUR 120/ week

This fee will be charged to pilots who are flying their own gliders and want to use the shade netting hangars or any other hangarage that might be available during the period they are flying the glider.