About Us

The core of our 2019/2020 season will be our Summer Performance Camp at Bloemfontein that will start on 26th October 2019 and continue until 8th February 2020.

Over the years we have learned, that there is a wide time window when long flights are possible. This stretches from the beginning of  November and continues until the middle of February.  To illustrate the point, on the 5th Nov 2013 we enjoyed the best day ever, four gliders managed a 1200km flight in our area at an average speed of 160 kph! On the 12th February 2016 Anders Andersen set a new Danish 1000km triangle record at 156kph! So whether you are just starting out with your cross country flying or you are going for your 1000 Km, Bloemfontein is a great place to be.

This exciting soaring is not just for the select few pilots, it is available to glider pilots with all levels of experience. We provide the expert help and the guidance necessary for you, to safely enjoy the excitement of gliding in South Africa – Gliding With a Difference.

To see what James Pengelly had to say after his first visit here in February 2015 read: Booker Newsletter Jan 2016